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The optimum solution, simple, natural and fast, for everyday pain.

Toxogel is a concentrate of natural extracts which, due to its immediate effect, can be used to naturally treat everyday aches and pains; simply apply the gel directly onto the affected area…just like in the old days!

Furthermore, Toxogel helps the body combat signs of fatigue in the most natural way, mainly due to the presence of many natural extracts renowned for their beneficial properties such as gorse, arnica, devil’s claw and cinnamon, all lauded for their anti-inflammatorial qualities, and also the inclusion of extracts of menthol, biological rosemary and salvia. Fresh extract of aloe vera, organic olive oil and camomile help calm any irritation of the skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth. The clever combination and high concentration of natural and organic active ingredients create an intense, localised effect of hot and cold on the skin, promoting an immediate feeling of well-being and bringing a beautiful healthy glow to the skin itself.

Application of the product

In order to wholly appreciate the fast-acting effects of Toxogel, it comes in a handy roll-on dispenser which allows for easy, practical application of the product. Simply apply the roll-on to the affected area and massage with circular motions for a minute or so and then complete the treatment by using your hands to lightly massage the area until the product has been fully absorbed into the skin.